The Absent World


This map is a Red vs Green CTF, 4 shots, jumping, ricochet, with no superflags. It positions the bases adjacent to each other, with the team flags underneath the bridge in the trench. The fenced off areas with a grid of pyramids are completely inaccessible, meaning you have to take the team flag all the way from the ground around a corner of the map, up to the bases. There are two teleporters on opposite corners of the map, inside the inaccessible regions -- these are for shots only, you can shoot into it from the walkway behind it. The map features a lot of open areas and ricochet possibilities.

The title, "The Absent World," was the first result from a random title generator. My excuse is that "absent world" can refer to the inaccessible fenced off areas.

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Download The Absent World .bzw