Bouncy & Slippery CTF


This was around my tenth map. I made tall walkways around the edges, where the bases are located, and one walkway diagonally across. There are several ways to get up to the walkways (and then to the bases). Most noticibly, there are two sets of bouncers in the corners, labeled with the yellow and black caution texture. You can also get to the bases by climbing two of the pyramids on the sides of the map, jumping up blocks in the opposite corners, or using a hidden teleporter. There are purple slippery sections, making a + through the center of the map. Once you land on these, your tank cannot jump or kill anyone on the ground, making it a dangerous place to land.

Bouncy and Slippery CTF is a 3-shot, ricochet, jumping and vertical velocity shots map. Tanks and shots are slightly faster than the default, and the jump height is a bit lower than usual (making jumping a bit more difficult). Pyramids and slopes can be climbed, and wings have 3 jumps. There is one of every type of good flag, with shot limits on the more powerful flags. The settings are similar to many other BZFlag maps.

The map also has a small "maze" on each side. Each maze has two entrances, one on the front and one on the back. The front entrance leads to a teleporter linking to the maze on the other side. The back entrance leads to a teleporter linking to above the nearest base. If you enter this teleporter from the back side, you will be taken to the genocide flag area. The genocide area is in the center of the map, inside the pillar. There are a bunch of useless flags, and one genocide flag.

Overall, I think this map is ok. It is a bit large, requiring too many players before it gets fun. Also, it gets boring relatively quickly. Try it on my mapchange server at

Download Bouncy & Slippery CTF .bzw