Crossfire Citadels


Crossfire Citadels is about my 15th map. I've had the idea for this one for a while; basically, it is two large cylindrical buildings linked together by bridges, with a base on top of each (you die if you fall off). The top of each building has three layers. The tanks can jump, but only very slightly, just enough to jump over a shot. There are also vertical velocity shots, which allow jumping tanks to shoot a tank on a layer above or below themselves.

To get to different layers, there are steps that the tanks can climb. There is a bouncer located in the center of the map, allowing tanks to bounce directly to the bases. On the back end of each building, there are other, less powerful bouncers. Landing on one of these bouncers will send you up one level, and landing on one while jumping will send you up two levels. This bouncer can be a good flag hiding spot, because you can place your team flag right on the edge of the bouncer and it will be difficult to retrieve.

Crossfire Citadels has no flags other than team flags. It is mainly a CTF map, and it is very quick and easy to capture the flag, so you will need to be constantly protecting your flag. In my opinion, this is one of my better maps, and can get very fun and chaotic when full (12 players). Try it on my mapchange server at

Download Crossfire Citadels .bzw