On the Edge


On the Edge is a simple, no-cover capture the flag map with multiple layers and interesting slopes. The bases are on opposite corners, the red base is on the ground and the purple base is on the top level. It is 2-shots, ricochet, and jumping. There are vertical shots, and several low-power flags. Each step has a different slope. The first step has lined up pyramids all the way across, the next one has a 45 degree slope, and the last one is made up of many tiny steps.

This map attempts to use the Phantom Zone flag effectively. There are four teleporters in the half-way corners of the map, which all link to the teleporter in the center of the map. There are four PZ flags on the map, more than any other flag. With all the teleporters here, the PZ flag allows you to move across the map safely. Next to each base is a "PZ cage" that only PZ can enter. These cages allow PZ to go all the way to across the map to a base safely. This adds another dimension to the map, creating PZ battles underneath the map. There are also SB and SW flag(s) for normal tanks to counter the zoned tanks.

This map is not symmetrical, though I did my best to make it as fair as possible. To capture a flag, you have to make a round-trip to both bases to capture the flag, so both teams have to cross the same terrain. In my opinion, this is a reasonably good map, and I found it quite fun to play on. Try it on my mapchange server at bzbattleground.com:9250.

Download On the Edge .bzw