Flashy Lights


This was my third map. I had recently figured out how to use dynamic colors (or at least how to copy and paste them from other maps ;-). I arranged some flashy textured blocks inside a black chamber and then put a base at each corner. The main flag on this map is the wings flag with two jumps, because the ground kills you if you touch it. Also, there are a few other flags on the map, such as laser, guided missile, and shockwave. Since there is a cone directly above the base, all team flags go to the bottom center of the map when dropped. This makes it very, very difficult to capture, since it is a lot of work to jump your way back up without a wings flag.

After a few minutes, however, the novelty of millions of flashy things onscreen wears off and the map gets boring and makes your eyes sore. Try it on my mapchange server at bzbattleground.com:9250.

Download Flashy Lights .bzw