Flying Popcorn Machine


In this map, there is a flying popcorn machine in the center of the map that shoots popcorn upward. If you jump into it, you will bounce upward with the popcorn. Each base is enclosed, and only accessible by teleporter. To get to a base, you must get on the conveyor belt with the color of the base you want, go through the teleporter in the building (also the color of the base) and you will come out above on a walkway. Then you jump forward into the popcorn, and bounce up to the higher-level walkway on the opposite side and go through the teleporter, which will drop you into the appropriate base.

I had the idea for this map for quite a while, but when I thought of it, I didn't know how to make it. I was able to create the popcorn by changing some of the rain variables. I set the rain to stay in the center, move upward, and to have the texture of a rogue bullet. Then I placed many invisible, jump-through, bouncy meshes inside the popcorn (generated by a script) to make the tanks bounce when they land in the popcorn.

In my opinion, this map is pretty fun, and lots of players play on it when it is available. Capturing the flag can be a bit hard if you don't know what to do, though. Try it on my mapchange server at

Download Flying Popcorn Machine .bzw