This map is a 2 team CTF, with no jumping, ricochet, and three shots. The design is based on the "Yin and Yang" symbol -- The map boundary is a circle with an S-shaped wall splitting the map in half. On each side is a team base, several boxes and pyramids. Each half of the map also includes three methods for getting to the opposite side of the map. There is a simple teleporter, followed by a bouncer. In front of the teleporter is an entrance to a circular conveyor belt that spins you around the outer boundary of the map.

There are three flags on the map (excluding team flags), each with a shot limit of three. There is an OO flag which makes it easy to traverse the map, but the inability to carry a team flag through the wall makes it less useful. There is one SB flag which both counters OO and can be used to prevent someone across the map from capturing a team flag. The one ST flag makes SB slightly less powerful.

The most complicated part of the map is the bouncer system because many invisible boxes and one-way walls/ceilings are required to make sure players [usually] land in the right location. I also used a trick I found to prevent flags from landing on the jump-through ceilings -- if you have a drivethrough box occupying the same area as a normal box, flags cannot land there. This is useful for making no-flag zones that are still accessible to tanks.

I find this map fun to play on, but go ahead and try it on my mapchange server (bzbattleground.com:9250) and decide for yourself. ;-)

Download Taijitu .bzw