The Telephone Network


This map is a rabbit chase wings battle map (wings flags are given to the players on spawn.) with two wings jumps. All the gameplay takes place on one segment of telephone line. If you touch the ground, you die. So basically, the map is made up of long narrow walkways directly above each other. There are 2 shots, with vertical velocity. This is my first map to include a storyline -- see below.

Download The Telephone Network .bzw


Over in the edge of the house, sitting in his room, not doing much of anything, was a bored young boy. For some reason his internet connection was not working, and he had already done every computer-related activity he could think of that didn't require an internet connection. He decided to try sneaking out of the window of his room. This window, however, was very difficult to open, making this a laborious operation. After exerting all his power to push the window upward, he finally prevailed and rolled himself out the window. He had succeeded in the true test of strength!

As he explored the vast uncharted regions of his dazzling back yard, he couldn't keep from thinking, "I would so rather be playing an online game." He decided to give real life another chance before heading back to his computer, so he walked around carelessly in search of happiness. Then a bright yellow shiny thing met the gaze of his eyes. "Maybe this is it, what I've been searching for, happiness!" he thought out loud; most likely too loud, as it caught the attention of his brother.

He reached down toward the yellow object and yanked it off the ground. It was an egg. A plastic egg. A yellow, plastic egg that separated into two halves. "What could be inside," he thought as he imagined the possibilities. Inside it was nothing but a few jelly beans. But then something happened. A magical vortex appeared in the center of the egg and sucked away all the jelly beans. Then a black tank spawned near him, making a strange "blossom" effect as it appeared. It jumped and bounced over to the boy and completely stopped moving after pointing its muzzle at him. Several seconds passed and light blue text appeared at the top of everyone's vision within a 50 foot radius:

thx for finding hte vortex for us
weve been serching for it for a while now
but now that u no about it, u must die

The tank then proceeded to shoot a very large, bright, yellow sphere at the victim. The boy was then killed. Pwn'd.

The boy's astonished brother, who had been smugly recording the incident with his webcam from the adjacent room, didn't know what to do. He panicked and called for help, though everyone he showed the video to didn't believe that it was real. He thought that if he posted the video on Youtube, someone may know what really happened and post a comment. Apparently he didn't really get any useful information:

dude u suck at video editing that looked soooo fake

Though, past all the skepticism, there were a few souls that actually believed it to be real. Since they had witnessed the magical time-travel vortex and believed that it was real, the same thing happened. Tanks spawned next to them and blasted them away. Even though the tanks wore cloaking flags, such incidents were witnessed by many other people and it became a viral internet phenomenon. Now almost everyone on earth knew that these tank-killing-machines were real, because super trustworthy news sites marked the rumor as true. And thus, everyone who had seen anything relating to one of such videos was quickly disposed of, because they had seen the vortex. Soon after, every human on the planet was killed. The last human known to the tanks was killed by a genocide flag to make sure that they had all been eliminated. Keeping the vortex secret was of utmost importance to the tank race.

But there was then a problem. All living things on the planet were destroyed except for the tanks. The tanks had no one to kill anymore. They had no one to blame but themselves. They should have destroyed the vortex when they had the chance. They thought it best to use the time vortex to go back in time to before the incident, but for some reason it didn't work. After a few weeks of boredom, the tanks started to go up against their own kind. They did not know what else to do, as their only way to live was to kill. They lived to kill and killed to live. In a vicious game of "rabbit-chase" all the tanks went up against one tank, the rabbit, and the first to kill the rabbit became the new rabbit. This, my friend, is a new era. An era of only tanks and no humans, all fighting for their lives (or lack of them) on a ruined battleground.