The Triangle


The Triangle is my attempt at making a three team triangular symmetrical capture the flag map. It's a reasonably simple map (though made complicated by all the triangular coordinates). Three shots, jumping and ricochet. Very few lower-power flags with shot limits. There is a base in each corner. There are two recommended flag hiding spots: the floating blocks behind the base and the floating block above the pyramids. There is a teleporter on the center of each edge, linking to the other teleporters in counter-clockwise order.

In the center of the map is there area where you can get the genocide flag. First, you need to jump on top of it. Then face the wall of the inner triangle, jump, and move forward upon landing. Your tank will squish underneath. You will then go into a room inside the triangle, and you need to jump through the teleporter without touching the edges. After doing this, you will fall from above and land on an OO flag. You will need to jump and drop it in mid-jump. If you do it successfully, you will land on the one-shot genocide flag.

In my opinion, this is a fun map with lots of interesting ricochets. You can play it on my mapchange server at

Download The Triangle .bzw