Shooting Gallery


Shooting Gallery is probably my second best map after Elevators & Escalators. It is loosely based off a Metroid Prime 2: Echoes multiplayer map called "Shooting Gallery." It has a big turret at the top, and then some tunnels in the back. The map has 2 shots but no ricochet. It is a green vs blue king-of-the-hill, but instead of controlling the hill, you get to use the powerful turret at the top.

On one side of this map, there are steps climbing up to the turret (the clear white thing). Players can get directly underneath the turret and jump in to control it. The turret will automatically shoot; tanks can turn to aim, and move forward and backward to control the turret's up/down direction. Only one player can operate the turret at a time, but other players can "eject" the player in the turret by pushing the eject button behind the turret. The turret cannot hit cloaked players or players behind the turret, so you will want others on your team guarding the player in the turret. The turret is controlled by a plugin I wrote (available below).

The map is mostly open except for a network of intertwined tunnels in the back. These tunnels provide cover from the turret and an area to get flags. There are tall blue towers in the tunnels; touching one of which will give you a "powerup." These powerups are just flags renamed to match the MP2:E names for the powerups. Invisibility = Cloaking, Hacker Mode = Stealth, Super Missiles = Guided Missiles, Death Ball = Steamroller, Power Bombs = Shockwave, Invulnerability = Tiny. All powerups have a time limit or a shot limit. Also, there is an upper exit that leads to a bouncer. Bouncers are represented by orange spheres (like the morph ball cannons in MP). This bouncer will send tanks across the map over to the turret.

There are a few secrets on this map, too. If you center yourself in the turret and jump, you are able to exit the turret. Also, you can still press the eject button when your tank is dead. If you do it right (so that you land on the eject button after dying), there's nothing anyone can do to stop you from ejecting. Also, in the back tunnel, you can climb the pyramids and jump into an opening in the back of the upper tunnel.

In my opinion, this map can be a lot of fun to play, but can also get annoying when you get zapped by the turret too much. Hosted at

Download Shooting Gallery .bzw

Download Turret/Powerup plugin source (.cpp)