The Two Rivers


The Two Rivers is my second map. (Actually, I started it before Popcorn Ocean, but finished it later). I made it in BZEdit, then added textures and settings with a text editor. It is a four team CTF with 8 shots, tall jumps and ricochet. The map is mainly composed of four tall pyramids (made out of boxes) in each corner of the map, with little cover. There are two rivers between the pyramids and the bases are at the ends of the rivers.

There aren't really any good places to hide your team flag, so your team will just have to guard it well. There are some underground tunnels next to the bases that link adjacent bases. Also, there are flat underground areas, accessible via entrances in the corners of the map, but they serve little purpose other than to confuse people who spawn in them. You can play it on my mapchange server,

Download The Two Rivers .bzw