This was a map I originally made to be combined with several other maps (the teleporters would lead to the base, and the base could use teleporters to go to one of three maps. This was one of those maps). It is 3-shots, jumping and ricochet. On the top of the map, there is a structure leading to each base, requiring several jumps. There are a few trees scattered around, and a cylindrical "cake" in the right-middle.

However, much of this map is underground. The river in the center leads you to a set of underground tunnels. If you have the narrow flag (available on top of the "cake"), you can go through a small crack and through a teleporter that leads directly to the base. Going one way in the underground tunnels, you can jump back up to land, or, going the other way, you can teleporter to the other side of the map. There is also a secret to getting the genocide flag. If you jump back up to land underneath the "cake," you can get an agility flag. When going downstream, you must use agility effectively to go upstream and through a small hole. In here, you navigate the maze, go though a teleporter and get genocide.

I think it is an ok map, but not as good as some of my others. You can play it at bzbattleground.com:9250.

Download Untitled .bzw