The Waterfall


This is roughly my 8th map. It is relatively flat, with a river in the middle and a waterfall on one side. It is FFA/5-shot/jump/ricochet. There are lots of powerful superflags scattered around, and the only cover is the few trees. There are a few secret areas, accessible by teleporter, that let you get powerful flags. First, there is a drivethrough box inside the waterfall that has a teleporter inside. Then, there is a tree with a large, hollow trunk with a teleporter inside. Then the most complicated one is a teleporter floating in the center of the map. There is a horizontal, invisible walkway under it, and you can get up there by climbing a pyramid on the edge of the map.

This map, in my opinion, is fun at first but gets slow and boring quickly. You can play it at my mapchange server,

Download The Waterfall .bzw