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Tank Battlefield

This is a turn based strategy game with tanks. An enemy is attacking you, and you need to fight back!

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Water Spider

Aliens are invading earth and are moving around and attacking in the water. You play as a robotic water spider that must destroy the aliens before they can do any more damage.

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Shooter Battle

This is a two player plane fight game. You and your opponent fight with different weapons and elements. Includes a level editor so you can make your own levels to fight on!

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Armadillo Assault 3D

An armadillo stepped in super-glue and then rolled up into a ball. When he tried to unroll, he was stuck. You must roll him through all 6 3D levels and get rid of the super-glue!

Unfinished Projects

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A Super Smash Bros-like fighting game with various characters from my previous games.

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Untitled 3D Platformer

This is my attempt at making a 3D platformer.