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Jul 2 09

d41wars and a 3D Platformer

I added two unfinished games to the games page.

Jun 18 09

New Video

Added a new video to the videos page.

Jun 6 09

Another Drawing!


May 31 09

New Drawing

I added one new drawing:

May 28 09

Twilight House

Added my lastest BZFlag map, Twilight House to the BZFlag page.

May 6 09

The Telephone Network

I added a new BZFlag map to the BZFlag page titled The Telephone Network.

May 6 09

Another drawing

I added another drawing.

Also, I updated the CGI version of the d41test chat bot (on the misc page) to a more recent version.

May 1 09

2 new drawings

Added two new drawings to the drawings page:

Apr 21 09

RSS Feed

I added an RSS news feed to d41games. It contains all news from my website.

Apr 20 09

BZFlag updates

I've updated all the BZFlag maps on the BZFlag page to include a screenshot and a short description. Also, a few BZFlag-related scripts have been added.

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