d41games - Screen Savers

To install these screensavers, you must download a screen saver and extract its contents out of the .zip. After that, right click on the screen saver and click "Install". It will now appear in your screen saver list. To uninstall a screen saver, just delete the file you installed it with. (This is how it worked in Windows XP. You can probably use a similar method to install these on other Windows operating systems.)

Exploding Desktop

This screen saver takes a picture of your desktop and then messes it up. Things like bombs will blow up and crack your screen, Fire will burn the screen up, and lots of other things will blow up and mess up your desktop and monitor! (This is all virtual, and does nothing permanent at all. Once you exit the screen saver, everything turns back to normal.)

explodingdesktop.zip (1.4mb)Download

(While I do scan my files for viruses before uploading them, you should always be careful about running executable files such as these.)

screen saver screenshot