d41games - Videos

This page has several videos I've created.

Simple 2D Physics Platformer

This is a simple physics-based platformer I wrote in python, using Panda3D and ODE. Basically, you control the blue ball with the left and right arrow keys, and you have to manipulate various objects to progress through the area. I found it fun to play around with on test levels, but haven't had any luck making it into an actual "game" -- it doesn't seem to work very well. The code is pretty simple and short, just making some basic objects and letting ODE handle the physics. "Tumbler" by Kyle Gabler (World of Goo Soundtrack) is the music playing in this video.

Untitled Panda3D Game

This is an unfinished game I programmed (and probably will never finish -- it's getting too complicated and is very buggy). It's made in python with the Panda3D game engine. The music playing in this video is "Rise of Legend"

Water Balloons

First, I filled some balloons (normal balloons, not water balloons) with water, then set them outside. Some I filled with food-dyed water to make it more interesting ;-) I then recorded myself shooting them with airsoft gun(s). I edited the video a bit, and reversed it so it would play backwards. This is what resulted.