Mini Laser Valley


This is my fourth map, if I recall correctly. I had recently learned how to make arcs, so I made a map using mainly arcs with the ratio attribute. This is a small, quarter sized rabbit chase map. There is a tree in the center of the map, and your tank can fall through the center of the tree to the underground area. In the underground area, there are teleporters that link back up to the above area. Also, the underground area extends into the map walls, and you can get onto a ledge there and shoot through the wall. The map has mostly laser flags. It has several wings, cloaking and stealth flags, also. You can jump out and over the walls of the map and get stuck in the corners, where several one-shot OO flags are located.

This isn't my best map, but it's one of my favorite maps that I have created because it is different than most BZFlag maps. Try it on my mapchange server at

Download Mini Laser Valley .bzw