Popcorn Ocean


This is my first map. I made it in BZEdit then textured everything in a text editor. (I went a little texture-crazy). It is a 3 team asymmetrical capture the flag map with jumping, ricochet, and 8 shots. There are lots of superflags on this map. Each team has a specific way to get to their base. Green team must climb the block tower and blue team must go across the pier, jump across the islands, and drive across a walkway to the base. The red team base is by far the hardest to get to -- you must first climb four blocks in the corner of the map, then jump onto star-shaped things in the air. Drive across these and fall into the chimney and you will land next to the red base. The red base has a one-way teleporter so they can leave their base easily. It's not completely fair, but you have to make a trip to both bases to capture a flag, anyway. The map is actually a lot of fun (in my opinion). It is available on my mapchange server at bzbattleground.com:9250

Download Popcorn Ocean .bzw